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In the Line of Fire: A Journalist Reflects on 40 Years of Defense Reporting

During my many years on the defense beat, I landed in the line of fire not once but four times. Each time, I survived unscathed and thanked God for his divine protection!
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In Bhutan, No Father Means No Fatherland

By Vishal Arora


Bhutan, a tiny nation of about 750,000 people known for its policy of gross national happiness, has thousands of fatherless children. Abandoned by their fathers, these children endure financial hardships, and a secure future is elusive because Bhutan requires the legal identity of a child’s father before granting him or her citizenship rights.

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The Media Project challenges and equips mainstream journalists to cover religion as an essential part of public life. 

 We publish content addressing religion, media and public life, with special attention to religious equality and press freedoms around the world.  

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