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Slow Maguindanao Massacre Prosecution Frustrates Philippine President

Five years have passed since 58 people were killed, including 32 journalists, on 23 November, 2009, and the victims’ families have yet to see even a single conviction, among almost 200 suspects.
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George Conger column - Gammy surrogate

The case of Gammy, the child born with Down syndrome to a surrogate Thai mother on behalf of an Australian couple, is everything an editor would desire during the dull news days of August.

While this story is ripe with ethical and religious questions – abortion and surrogacy – I have seen little direct reporting on this angle of the story.  Read More.

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The Media Project challenges and equips mainstream journalists to cover religion as an essential part of public life. 

 We publish content addressing religion, media and public life, with special attention to religious equality and press freedoms around the world.  

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