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A Journey to Eradicate Menstrual Exile

In western parts of Nepal, menstruating girls and women are sent to cow sheds or huts despite a law banning the practice. The Nepalis in Myanmar also treat the practice as an integral part of their culture. Nandar Gyawalli is calling for the abolition of this tradition which recently claimed the lives of a mother and two sons in Nepal.

Is Trump's use of the term 'witch hunt' offensive? Some witches think so.

President Trump has repeatedly referred to the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller a “witch hunt” – angering people who actually practice witchcraft. The investigation into whether Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election is ongoing. Witches say what’s not under debate is the use of the term “witch hunt.”

The revival of redemption: The future of religion in a secular world

(COMMENTARY) When one rejects the disciplines and principles of religion, one loses the premises necessary to understand the world without falling into skepticism and nihilism. Though the ideas of secular culture will continue to dominate the younger generations, I believe that the revival of religion will restore life to pockets of the population, unlocking the gate to new heights of flourishing in the coming years.