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The State of Journalism in Argentina

Since the beginning of the Internet, traditional media has tried to adapt to new technologies and business models. Newspaper sales are declining and online media adds pressure as they compete for reader’s attention. Journalism in Argentina is now facing economic crisis. Our biggest newspapers, La Nación and Clarín, are reducing their staff while others close their doors. This is not only a newspaper problem, it is known that radio & TV stations are firing journalists, as well.

Ten Ethics Lessons from the #MeToo Movement in Media -- and Beyond

It is a time of reckoning in the media industry. Breakthrough reporting revealed that newsroom sexual misconduct is both pervasive and protected. That truth became the catalyst for the #MeToo moment, which opened eyes by opening old -- and not-so-old wounds for all to witness. How did it happen here? How did our systems and values harbor harassment and discrimination?

ANC to punish 'irresponsible reporting'

FROM AL JAZEERA. JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's ruling African National Congress has called for the establishment of a media appeals tribunal in a bid to punish what it calls irresponsible news reporting.

The ANC's media panel met behind closed doors this week at the party's National General Council meeting to work out details of the plan.

Maguindanao trial reveals bribery

MANILA, Sept. 15 – The Maguindanao massacre trial resumed Wednesday with top prosecution witness Lakmodin Saliao disclosed in detail how his former boss Andal Ampatuan Sr., one of the 196 accused in the gruesome killing, allegedly attempted to bribe police and government officials with millions of pesos to avoid indictment in the massacre of 57 people, including 32 journalists in southern Philippines on Nov. 23, 2009.

LOME - Two weeks after becoming a celebrated victim of abuse at the hands of an officer of the French Army, Togolese journalist Didier Ledoux was kidnapped and beaten by Togolese police outside the courthouse where Togo’s government is suing seven newspapers. Ledoux’s saga continues to be a symbol of deteriorating press-freedom conditions in Togo.

Telling a Truer Story

[This is the full text of a speech that Dr. Taylor gave to a Media-Project-sponsored gathering in Prague in 2008.] I have been asked – and I quote – to “focus on the new religious reality with Islam and how Islam is challenging Europe in our coverage of religion”.

My credentials for doing so are presumably that I was a secular journalist covering race, who became a Christian, and did a PhD in Islamics at SOAS. When I became a Christian, my eyes were opened to the fact that religion, not race, was the real story.

'Narco-censorship' rampant in Mexico

FROM THE LOS ANGELES TIMES. Reporting from Reynosa, Mexico — A new word has been written into the lexicon of Mexico's drug war: narco-censorship.

It's when reporters and editors, out of fear or caution, are forced to write what the traffickers want them to write, or to simply refrain from publishing the whole truth in a country where members of the press have been intimidated, kidnapped and killed.