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Fighting FGM is a spiritual war

Ann-Marie Wilson, a doctor of psychology and a midwife who trained in Pakistan, recently completed a paper on the origins of FGM, claiming that the mummies in the British Museum show clear signs of the practice. Now three countries, Egypt (97 per cent), Ethiopia and Indonesia (the most populous Muslim country in the world) account for more than half of the 200 million women and girls who have undergone what can be a life-threatening procedure.

Battling Kenya's betting craze

Like a well-scripted movie, many Kenyans who come into a windfall in the recent betting craze talk of spending their money in a way that often includes tithing. But church leaders say they want the gambling to stop or they'll take the law into their own hands.  

Media Practitioners as Force for Social Change

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Media & the Rwanda Genocide

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Truth Comission tallies success, failure

LOME – Togo’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission has begun the “unavoidable" phase of collecting eyewitness testimonies of the violence the country has endured since 1958. After an entire year on the job and almost nothing concrete to show for it, the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Togo (CVJR) had succeeded only in convincing Togolese citizens of its inability to move the mission forward and make any progress toward reconciling the nation.