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Hundreds reconverted to Hinduism in city of Surat

Hundreds reconverted to Hinduism in city of Surat


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SURAT -- In its offensive against conversion of tribals to Christianity, Maharashtra-based Shree Sampraday sect claimed to have reconverted 1,747 people back to Hinduism in Surat on Monday.

A shadow has, however, been cast on the event with Surat district magistrate taking note of the organisers’ failure to seek permission for reconversion as stipulated in the Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act, 2003.

The camp to reconvert tribals, who had embraced Christianity, was held in the city for the first time and nearly 5,000 people from Maharashtra and Gujarat participated in the ceremony.

About 10 priests chanted mantras at a ‘havan’ around which sat those willing to get back to Hinduism. The participants were given ‘gurumantra’ and ‘janaiv’ (sacred thread) to mark their reconversion. The event started around 10 am and continued till late in the evening.

Saints from different parts ofthe country also took part in the event. The platform was freely used by saints to attack some minority religions. A large number of tribal participants came to the venue from Dangs, Valsad, Navsari and Maharashtra’s Thane and Nandurbar districts.

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