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The State of Journalism in Argentina

Since the beginning of the Internet, traditional media has tried to adapt to new technologies and business models. Newspaper sales are declining and online media adds pressure as they compete for reader’s attention. Journalism in Argentina is now facing economic crisis. Our biggest newspapers, La Nación and Clarín, are reducing their staff while others close their doors. This is not only a newspaper problem, it is known that radio & TV stations are firing journalists, as well.

The State of Journalism in Kenya

The level of sensitization of an average Kenyan to receive and decode media messages is growing every second, leaving the journalism industry with no option but to grow. However, despite many graduates of journalism school and heavy recruitment, journalism is rocked with fundamental issues, which are choking its very potential.

The State of Journalism in the Czech Republic

There is hardly a more telling moment to epitomise the state of journalism in the Czech Republic than a short TV clip from a recent meeting of two presidents: Miloš Zeman, Czech head of state and his Russian counterpart - Vladimir Putin. “And here are more journalists?” asked Mr. Zeman in Russian at the press conference. "There are too many journalists. They should be liquidated.“