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Is Trump's use of the term 'witch hunt' offensive? Some witches think so.

President Trump has repeatedly referred to the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller a “witch hunt” – angering people who actually practice witchcraft. The investigation into whether Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election is ongoing. Witches say what’s not under debate is the use of the term “witch hunt.”

Christian Afghans Flee Taliban and Find Safety in India

The Afghan embassy estimates there are 30,000 Afghan refugees living in Delhi today. Many Afghans in Delhi are Hindu and Sikh whose families migrated from India before Afghanistan’s independence in 1919. Many of those fled to India for religious freedom and settled in a South Delhi colony that today has temples, mosques, gurudwaras and even an unmarked, underground church.

‘Multiculturalism is defunct’: British Government signals U-turn on 70 years of social policy

(COMMENTARY) The British Government’s Green Paper, published on March 14, outlines a strategy that signifies a 180-degree U-turn in the direction of nearly 70 years of public policy since the Second World War.  The final report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration’s own inquiry into the integration of immigrants (2017) declared last year that ‘multiculturalism ... is defunct’.

Religious Liberty: For the Health of the Whole World

An Australian Anglican pastor, academic, and human rights activist, Mark Durie is also very critical of Islam – especially on the issue of religious liberty. He speaks of ‘moderate’ governments whose economic openness and political cooperation is lauded by the West, which turns a blind eye to their blatant restrictions on religious liberty. But Durie's concern goes beyond just the victims, to include those who let it slide.

Will Bible-believing Christians be discriminated against in the SOGIE Bill?

In a rare and dramatic display of opposition to a “lifestyle-altering” legislation in recent history, hundreds of Filipino Bible-believing Christians trooped to the Senate recently and held a peaceful rally against the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE), also referred to as the Anti-Discrimination Bill.

Absent Religious Liberty, No End in Sight for Iran's Protests

Angry uprisings flared up in 80 cities across Iran since late December, until being violently shut down by the Revolutionary Guards. The protests have deeply shaken the religious elite who rule Iran. They’ve also exposed the state’s systemic dysfunction, as well as widespread rage and resentment among Iran’s populace — most notably among the poor and disadvantaged.

Religious freedom is a fundamental right, not legalized discrimination

(COMMENTARY) Some would have you believe that religious exemptions are nothing more than the government sanctioning irrational hatred, but free exercise claims have been respected in our country’s history since the founding of America. This is not a necessary evil that we should put up with, but something that gives the United States its very vitality.