Pope Francis has the chance to repair Catholicism at upcoming World Youth Day

(COMMENTARY) There is a spiritual hunger around the world. Pope Francis needs to get back to basics and focus on evangelization like John Paul II did during his papacy. This pope needs to be less political and more spiritual. He needs to break free from the labels that have been heaped on him by critics and supporters alike. He needs to get back to the universal message of the church that resonates in both industrialized nations and the developing world. 

9 Catholic traditions that highlight the Christmas season

Christmas is more than just Santa Claus, bright lights and presents. For Christians, the season, marked by the start of Advent, begins a period that culminates with the birth of Jesus. While Christians of many denominations observe this period, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the four weeks preceding Christmas with many special observances in order to prepare for the coming of Christ.

William F. Buckley Jr.'s Catholic faith and conservative political legacy

William Buckley’s ability to articulate a strong national defense, need for small government and a devotion to God and traditional values became the bedrock of the modern American conservative movement. It was Buckley’s Catholic faith that proved central to his life and ideology. He was a man who not only lived his devotion daily, but one that helped to inspire future generations of politicians, thinkers and broadcasters.