TMP Coaching & Leadership Fellowship

The Coaching & Leadership Fellowship program is an annual gift toward growth and professional development that TMP gives to a select group of our members in the form of a fully funded week-long training experience coupled with personal support from TMP members from around the world, industry experts, and Media Project staff.

We award a maximum of 17 fellowships each year through a competitive  application process. 

The long-term goal of the fellowship is to develop leaders with a personal commitment to promote excellence and integrity in the practice of journalism in the face of difficult political climates. The fellowship seeks journalists dedicated to ethical decision-making and leadership values so that they in turn may practice a journalism that informs and inspires citizens of all nations and faiths to think critically about the complex world in which they live.

The fellowship is designed to assist journalists in the development of coaching and leadership skills and so seeks journalists who are ready and willing to help other journalists grow in the profession.

Applicants must demonstrate both professional promise and a personal desire to assist and motivate other journalists to develop their own coaching and leadership skills. Applicants should possess a warm interest in people, a willingness to ask and explore difficult questions about the professional and personal challenges they face, and a sincere desire to make a difference in the journalism arena in which they work. Preference will be given to journalists who provide examples of current or previous efforts to mentor other journalists. Applicants should also express a willingness to apply a holistic approach that acknowledges various aspects of life, work, and faith.

The ideal candidate for this fellowship will have at least five years professional experience in print, broadcast or online journalism. Journalists from all craft areas and in all levels of the organization are encouraged to apply. Candidates must be employed at a media organization or be an independent journalist whose work is regularly published or broadcast.


The Media Project Coaching and Leadership Fellowship requires a yearlong commitment to explore various aspects of coaching and leadership skills by:

~Attending, at the expense of The Media Project, a workshop during the week of October 7-14, 2017, on the campus of The Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jill Geisler, who guided the leadership and management programs of The Poynter Institute for 16 years, will conduct the core training sessions.  She recently launched Jill Geisler Leadership, LLC to build on the success of her popular leadership guide, “Work Happy:  What Great Bosses Know.”

~ Selecting and coaching two (2) journalists in their country over the course of a 12-month period beginning at the conclusion of our seminar.

~Completing a variety of pre-workshop preparation, including a self-assessment evaluation, reading and writing assignments.

~Participating in six (6) Skype conference calls over the course of the 12-month period following the seminar. The purpose of these conference calls is to facilitate mutual learning and discuss topics related to leadership and coaching.

~Securing, at their own expense and initiative, a valid U.S. visa. Limited funds are available for those who must travel to another country to secure a U.S. visa.


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