Saw Yan Naing

Saw Yan Naing is an ethnic Karen journalist from Burma, currently working as senior reporter at Thailand-based The Irrawaddy magazine, a leading Burmese news agency in exile. He left Burma in 1990 due to Burmese government offensive in his hometown in Karen State, eastern Burma. Since 2007, he has written news, features, in-depth articles, and news analysis for The Irrawaddy’s online website and print magazine nearly every day.

He has practiced journalism for six years, with a focus on reporting about human rights, press freedom, democracy, violence, and war in Burma. He likes traveling to the field and reporting news directly from the field.

He began his journalism career in 2004, when he received a chance to attend the first journalism training in Chiang Mai organized by The Irrawaddy. In 2005, he attended a journalism course at J-School in Chiang Mai organized by the Internews media agency, and from that point on he developed his reporting specialization in human and civil rights, democracy, freedom of expression and press freedom.

He can be reached at

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