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Lapido Media is a UK based media-literacy organization, founded by Dr. Jenny Taylor.  The Media Project frequently collaborates with Lapido Media and actively supports their work.

LAPIDO means to speak up in the Acholi dialect of Northern Uganda. Religiously literate media work helped to end a war there between 2003-5. We were founded by journalists to advocate for greater awareness of the faith dimension in policy, governance, and conflict in the UK and abroad.

Many news stories do not make sense - whether to journalists or policy makers who feed off what they report - without understanding religion. Lapido Media is an internationally networked, British-based philanthro-media charity, founded in 2005, that seeks to increase understanding among journalists and opinion formers of the way religion shapes world affairs.

It’s called religious literacy. We run media briefings, publish research and essays and work with journalists around the world.  Our stringers practise on our website the kind of religiously literate journalism we wish to see, going deeper to the sources of social motivations, and providing a resource for other journalists.  And we work with civil society groups on campaigns and media strategy to improve the flow and quality of stories with a religion dimension.

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