Ben Cal

Ben retired from full-time journalism in 2011, after a diverse career that began in 1963. His first job was a reporter of the Bohol Chronicle from 1963 to 1972.

He then became associate editor of Guidelines Magazine from 1972-73 before transferring to the Philippines News Agency (PNA) as a reporter, promoted to senior reporter, news editor, and managing editor, since 2004 to date.

As a journalist, he covered the presidency, defense and military beat, police, agriculture, local governments, agrarian, and business. He also covered the Mindanao war and the trial of former Sen. Benigno S. Aquino Jr. - the only reporter who covered the sensational trial from the start in Arpil 1977 until he was sentenced to die by musketry on 24 November 1977.  Ben missed only one trial because his grandmother died.

He covered the February 1986 revolution that toppled the regime of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos. He also covered seven of the nine coup attempts by rebel soldiers launched in different occasions from 1987 to 1989.

During that coverage, he found himself in the middle of the fighting between government forces and the rebels (communist guerillas, Muslim insurgents and military rebels). He survived unscathed to write the stories (first person account) and thanks God for protection.

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