Arne H. Fjeldstad

REV. DR. ARNE H. FJELDSTAD has been a newspaper journalist and editor in various Norwegian newspapers and the publisher of a large monthly magazine in the Middle East and North Africa.

His journalistic career covers more than 30 years in mainstream news media, a majority of them in various senior positions in the leading Norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten. He has also been a part-time professor teaching journalism and communications. His doctoral dissertation on Lutheran churches and virtual churches on the Internet was completed at Fuller Theological Seminary in 1997.

Arne H. Fjeldstad is an ordained Lutheran minister having served in local parishes, and he has also served as an Anglican minister in the Middle East. Arne started as a student pastor and editor with the Norwegian Inter Varsity (NKSS) and was the International Coordinator and Editor for World Evangelization, the magazine of the Lausanne movement from 1993-1996.

He is the Chair of Gegrapha, a global network of Christians in mainstream media. Dr. Fjeldstad is currently the CEO of The Media Project.

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