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The Attack On Doris Truong & Fake News


By Jill Geisler
Guest Contributor

If you’d like to experience raw hate and ignorance, do a Twitter search for the words “Doris Truong” and “Tillerson.” 

Angry tweets and retweets claim the home page editor of the Washington Post was caught sneaking pictures of Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson’s notes during his confirmation hearing. There’s video. Memes. Calls for her firing because this is proof she’s a “scumbag.”

Drudge, the Gateway Pundit and other sites had the news. Even Sarah Palin tweeted about it, so it must be true, right?

Dead wrong. It wasn’t Doris.

No matter. She was publicly vilified and personally attacked.

Her Post account of the Kafka-esque experience as a victim of fake news “Trolls Decided I Was Taking Pictures of Rex Tillerson’s Notes. I Wasn’t Even There” is chilling. The fake news had started spreading overnight, and:

"By the time I woke up, trolls had commented on social media channels besides Twitter. My Facebook feed had dozens of angry messages from people I didn’t know, as did comments on my Instagram account. Even my rarely used YouTube channel attracted attention. My emails and my voicemail included messages calling me “pathetic” and a “sneaky thief.

A lot of the comments also focused on my Chinese heritage, implying — or outright stating — that I must be spying for China. Some called for an FBI investigation of what they deemed illegal behavior.”

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