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View From Mexico: The Conservative Trump


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Almost a month on from Donald Trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton to win the US presidential election, pundits around the world are still trying to make sense of it all. It was an unexpected and surprising victory. The winner somehow motivated a sector of the population that the loser had scorned: conservatives.

Trump's victory in the Electoral College was overwhelming, with his tally of 306 to Clinton's 232. Still, the advantage in the popular vote is roughly one percent in favor of Clinton. The electoral system, however, grants the presidency to whichever candidate secures 270 electoral votes.

Previous elections have gone for the candidate with a lower popular tally when, for example, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in 2000. A look at Trump's win on the electoral map compared not only to Hillary but also to previous losing candidates like Mitt Romney (who lost to Barack Obama) is impressive. Donald Trump persuaded a sector that did not previously vote for Republicans to get to the polls. That sector was conservative, a sector that Hillary rejected and scorned, in my opinion.

Is it possible that what Hillary was reacting to in all those potential voters was their religious convictions? She has said as much many times over the decades. Why? Because these are the same voters that have opposed her most favored reforms - reforms that carry the banner of gender ideologies and progressivism. Clinton has long been a worldwide defender of these ideas.

To be conservative, in my view, is to take into account the sanctity of human life in light of the reality of evil in the world. It values individual character and responsible motherhood and fatherhood. It supports firm and strong traditional families and values, which are in fact the first principles of social justice (an idea that should not belong only to the secular left). A conservative person desires to preserve our species.

A conservative politician is another kind of animal, differentiated mostly by the aim of taking political power. Nevertheless, conservative politics pick up many of these themes, and a conservative politician should be able to recognize them in any platform and offer a vote of support.

For decades Hillary Clinton mocked conservative people and their religious practices because they have stood in the way of abortion access and changes to laws on the concept of "the family" and sexual identity. Rather than solving these questions, Clinton succeeded in distorting themfurther, while forcing issues better left in one's personal life out into the workplace.

Clinton has stated her support for abortion up until moments before a baby would be born by natural birth, a practice known as "partial birth abortion." She spoke in her final debate with Trump about the constitutional support for this right. She also said the faith of Christians needed to be reigned in because they do not support such practices. In this she implicated Catholics and evangelicals across the US (and the world).

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