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UN Officials Reassure Muslim Community As Christian-Nation Debates Continue


MONROVIA -- UN officials visited Liberia's Muslim community to assure its members the country will remain peaceful and stable in spite of ongoing debate over whether Liberia will become an officially Christian nation.

The UN delegation told the Islamic Solidarity for Peace and Democracy group that their goal is to ensure that Liberia remains peaceful following the UN's draw down in June this year.

The closed-door meeting was held on Tuesday April 5, 2016, at the office of the Islamic Solidarity for Peace and Democracy in Monrovia.

The group is leading the campaign to thwart a plan by some Christians to designate Liberia as a Christian nation under the constitution.

Immediately after emerging from the meeting with the UN officials, Mr. Mohamed Massaley, National Chairman of Islamic Solidarity for Peace and Democracy, told our TMP correspondent that they want Liberia to be a peaceful state where everyone can live happily.

"We will not allow a Christian state. Rather, we want Liberia to have multiple religions,’’ says Mr. Massaley.

A member of the Christian community says he foresees more difficult times for Liberia if the country remains a secular state.

Deacon Henry Seward founder of the End Times Prophetic Teaching Ministries in Margibi County said even the word "secular" is associated with the devil.

Deacon Seward told Farbric News Tuesday that Liberia is already cursed.

The cleric said the outcome of the pending referendum will determine the future of the country.

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