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TMP's Most Read Stories of 2016


The Media Project's members, spanning over 50 countries, volunteer time and expertise for the good of up-and-coming leaders in journalism in the developing world through our work on professional development and networking.

We also publish original features from our network here at once a week, and we're looking back this week at some of our readers' favorite stories from the past year.


1/10 - TMP member Ben Cal recently retired after 40 years as an editor and reporter in Philippine newsrooms. His look back on those four decades of reporting "in the line of fire" covering guerrilla wars and political transitions was our most read feature of 2016.

2/10 - Jayson Casper wrote an engaging piece about a fascinating art project in the city dump in Cairo, Egypt. This mural brings beauty to a dismal part of the city and to the lives of the Christian minority that is born, lives and dies there in the dump.

3/10 - Inger Alestig, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has been covering northern Europe's struggles to integrate Muslim immigrants and refugees for us. Her interview with reformed Islamist Siavosh Derakhti, who now advocates for tolerance and religious understanding, is a story of real hope and promise.

4/10 - We published a special bulletin spotlighting the anti-free-press acts by Tanzanian officials to ban publication of TMP member Simon Mkina's muckraking weekly newspaper Mawio. Mkina and his top editors were also detained in police custody. The shuttered paper was known for its exposés on government corruption. The story was also covered by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

5/10 - Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla was motivated by terrorism tragedies in his home country and in Europe to create artwork in India, a country that has also suffered from violence. Jayson Casper's story digs into Abla's artistic viewpoint and colorful line-drawing work that depicts daily life on Delhi's streets.

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