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TMP Coaching & Leadership Fellowship 2013 Winners

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The Media Project is pleased to announce the names of the sixteen journalists chosen to participate in the 2013 Coaching & Leadership Fellowship program. 

With a diverse pool of qualified applicants from around the world, the selection committee had to make some difficult choices.  A sincere thanks to all who expressed interest in the program, and congratulations to each of our 2013 winners! 

In addition to this summary list, you can find a more detailed bio sheet at the bottom of the page.

Elizabeth Olufunke Alli / Nigeria / Sunday Newswatch

Gurubabu Balaraman / India / Doordarshan News

Nuwea Ben Modika / Cameroon / Cameroon Radio Television Corporation

Ruben Cal / Philippines / Philippines News Agency

Travis Galey / United States / CBS News

Gerard Guedegbe / Benin / Education Tribune

Aimee Kabore / Burkina Faso / Les Editions Sidwaya

Abebayhu Gebeyaw Kassa / Ethiopia / Addis Admass

Joke Kujenya / Nigeria / The Nation Newspaper

Bibiana Lambart Mwale / Zambia / Radio Christian Voice

Tara Limbu / Bhutan / Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation

Simon Mkina / Tanzania / Daraja Development

Lillian Mukabana / Kenya / Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Daniel Valles / Mexico / TV 135 Cablemas

Josephine Wareta / Kenya / Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

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