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The Media Project Coaching and Leadership Fellowship

THE MEDIA PROJECT IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE the creation of a new program for current and aspiring leaders in journalism around the world.  Starting this month we will begin accepting applications for The Media Project Coaching and Leadership Fellowship.

The Fellowship is designed to assist journalists in the development of coaching and leadership skills and seeks journalists who are willing to make a commitment to help other journalists grow in the profession.

To help participants start with a foundation based on sound leadership principles, The Media Project is working with The Poynter Institute to create a customized training workshop.   Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, The Poynter Institute has earned a worldwide reputation for promoting and supporting excellence in journalism. 

The core leadership and coaching sessions of the February 13-17, 2012, workshop will be led by Poytner’s Leadership and Management expert Jill Geisler. Ms. Geisler is also author of the soon to be released book Work Happy:  What Great Bosses Know, a resource to help individual leaders and management teams “build exceptional, happy workplaces” and develop transformational leadership skills. 

Additional workshop sessions on the intersection of journalism and faith will be led by The Media Project’s CEO, Dr. Arne Fjeldstad who said, “we encourage all journalists with a sincere desire to make a difference in the journalism arena in which they work” to apply.  Each of the sixteen journalists chosen to participate in the fellowship program will receive a full scholarship to cover costs associated with workshop travel, tuition, and lodging.

The long-term goal of the Fellowship is to develop leaders with a personal commitment to promote excellence and integrity in the practice of journalism in the face of diverse opinions and difficult political climates.  The Fellowship seeks journalists dedicated to ethical decision-making and leadership values so that they in turn may practice a journalism that informs and inspires citizens of all nations and faiths to think critically about the complex world in which they live.

The Media Project Coaching and Leadership Fellowship will require chosen applicants to make a yearlong commitment to explore, develop, and replicate various aspects of coaching and leadership skills.  The ideal candidate for this fellowship will have at least five years professional experience in print, broadcast or online journalism.  Journalists from all craft areas, in all levels of the organization, are encouraged to apply. Candidates must be employed at a media organization or be an independent journalist whose work is regularly published or broadcast.

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