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Film training opens new doors

Africa Film Project 2011

This workshop opened me up to a new dimension in my profession and has increased my thirst to learn more about the world of media and its power, said 49-year-old Adeyemi Kosoko from Jos, Nigeria, as he thought back on the week's training.

Kosoko has been a journalist for almost two decades, graduated from university with a mass communication degree, and has experience in print and broadcast media, radio and television sports. But he had never gone as deep into the film writing, shooting, editing and promotion process as he did during the 2011 Africa Film Project.

“As a kid I always love journalists and developed an interest in the profession, which has been sustained. So, my childhood dream has come true,” chuckled Yemi when asked how he landed in journalism in the first place.

TMP: You have just finished a week-long workshop in short documentaries sponsored by The Media Project. Did it meet your expectations?

ADEYEMI: It met my expectations in the diverse ways of acquiring knowledge. The introduction of new technologies that are easier, portable and effective in performing the job is amazing.

Learning how to do a small story that could become a big story for the world, is also incredible. The choice of Cape Town has exposed me to more evidence that good things do come out of Nigeria and Africa based on what I saw on ground.

TMP: During the workshop you were expected to take charge of every aspect of the documentary process from writing to editing. Honestly, how was the experience?

ADEYEMI: The experience was interesting - from the pitching to the field and looking out for characters in the Guguletu township. I was doing what probably I have not done before.

However, the most challenging aspect is the editing and putting the story together. This was even more demanding and time consuming (than shooting the footage).

TMP: Now that you are comfortable with the technology and equipment, what stories will you bring us in the coming year?

ADEYEMI: I will explore the opportunities in the community with emphasis on developmental issues that have positive effects on the society.

I want to concentrate more on the people outside government and politics in order to tell the story of individuals that are making efforts to contribute meaningfully to mankind, and even sacrificing their lives no matter the odds.

An example of such a sacrifice is a Muslim man who went out of his way to save a Christian family from destruction during the Jos crisis, even in the face of rejection from his people.

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