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Chicago Tribune: kids cause global warming

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On Wednesday The Chicago Tribune
turned its pages over to advocacy journalism representing the
unfortunate attitude that the West knows best, and the “poorer parts of
the world” must conform to the rules established by modern experts to
keep the world from falling into a state of calamity. This article by the Tribune’s London correspondent Laurie Goering
proclaims that everyone should have fewer children (though it fails to
provide the precise number) in order to prevent global warming and keep
the planet from over-populating.
If you think about it, the new scientific consensus, at least
according to a month-old editorial in a British medical journal, states
the obvious:
LONDON — There are plenty of ways to cut your carbon
footprint, whether it’s driving less or buying an energy-efficient
refrigerator. But the British Medical Journal, in an editorial last
month, urged a more controversial one: having fewer children.
With 60 million people already living in one of the most densely
populated countries in the world, the journal said, British couples
should aim to have no more than two children as part of their
contribution to worldwide efforts to reduce carbon emissions, stem climate change and ease demands on the world’s resources.
Limiting family size is “the simplest and biggest contribution
anyone can make to leaving a habitable planet for our grandchildren,”
the editorial’s authors said.

Yes, if humans disappeared from the face of the planet, global
warming would probably decrease. Maybe. Forget any room for
counterpoint on this new alleged scientific consensus.
The article gets better. Not only would “no more than two children”
prevent worldwide calamity, but having more than two children should be
considered a “sin.” An evil act. An offense against the Creator. A violation
of a moral rule. As a reader who kindly sent us this article said, this
type of assertion, made without any sort of qualifications, makes one’s
jaw drop.

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