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16 Times Media Found Religion in 2016


11/16 - We were likewise impressed with a piece from TIME Magazine's Elizabeth Dias on Donald Trump's inner circle of spiritual advisers. Dias takes readers behind the scenes of the Trump campaign on election night. With this and other good stories during the campaign, Dias has shown her ability to report on the key theological details of the story without any snark. 

12/16 - "The New Evangelical Moral Minority” by Kalefa Sanneh in The New Yorker took a long and nuanced look at the Southern Baptist Convention and its activism in Washington D.C. The story highlights the fractures within the denomination with the rise of Donald Trump. It focuses on the emergence of Russell Moore, now head of the Southern Baptist's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. Moore became one of the evangelical world's most vocal critics of Donald Trump.

13/16 - Jaweed Kaleem of the Los Angeles Times delivered another excellent story on Muslims in America as they come to terms with a Trump presidency. This report from the US heartland of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, stands out for Kaleem's focus on real Muslims rather than the typical talking-head advocates. Kaleem actually listens to what his sources say without forcing a storyline.

14/16 - The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has put together a series of beautifully written stories and photos about the city's “silent sanctuaries.” Though built in a more religious past, the unloved structures still haunt the city today. The series was a joint effort by reporters and photographers to report on the wasting disease of shuttered churches that has affected western Pennsylvania’s congregations for 25 years. Take some time to click around in the interactive feature.

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