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16 Times Media Found Religion in 2016


7/16 -  ABC News’ 20/20 set the record straight on Kayla Mueller’s witness to her Christian faith. ABC's previous reporting on Mueller's ordeal had muddied the religious details. It was clear with the latest report they’d been following this story for some time and they got the exclusive on how this unlucky woman stuck to her guns in terms of her faith. Ms. Mueller even stood up to the infamous "Jihadi John" and confessed her faith at the moment of her execution.

8/16 - As we've pointed out, obituaries are a good test for how well a journalist captures the religious essence of a person’s life. We were glad to see the New York Times chose to run a sizable obituary on billionaire Howard Butt Jr., founder of Texas grocery chain HEB. The story explained how his Christian faith was the driving force of his life and philanthropy. 

9/16 – This excellent Los Angeles Times story of one nun from the Servants of Mary order who stands vigil with the families of the dying is deeply spiritual and full of crucial details. The Servants of Mary, founded in Spain in 1851, work with the dying around the world, and prefer to assist people in their homes instead of hospitals or hospice. In Los Angeles, the Servants work mostly with immigrant families. This poignant story is among the year's best.

10/16 - Past stories on honor killings have sometimes failed to deal with the religious details. This Associated Press piece does not make that mistake. Reporter Kathy Gannon gets deep into the mindset of a Pakistani man who murdered his sister for disgracing his family by having married a Christian man. This story is not perfect, but it impressed our analysts as a courageous piece of reporting.

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